About CYB

Content Marketing. You get it. But does your boss? Convince your Boss is a resource to help you do just what it sounds like – pitch your boss on content marketing and get them to push their decision making chips and go all in.

Sounds easier than it actually is, doesn’t it?

Trust us, we know what you’re going through…

  • You already understand that content marketing can grow a business exponentially over time.
  • You realize that content marketing can lower marketing costs while making your company more money.
  • You think it makes total sense that content marketing can be a huge boost for your company’s brand reputation and thought leadership.
  • You understand that marketing nowadays is all about creating relationships… and that is best done through content.

The reality is, not everyone is in the same boat as you are. We’re guessing you’ve probably met some resistance when you threw out that awesome idea for an infographic or that really neat expert interview blog series. Bosses have tons of reasons why content marketing won’t work; and we can’t lie, they can be completely valid concerns. But, and it is a big BUT: concerns don’t mean that content marketing can’t work for your organization. It just means you have a little more work to do to get what you want. It’s your job to prove that content marketing really can be successful, and illuminate the way so your key decision makers see the content marketing light at the end of the tunnel.

Not really sure how to do that? Never fear, this is where Convince your Boss (or CYB as we like to call it) comes in.

Remember, your boss may have started their career where Mad Men suits and traditional advertising reigned supreme. It’s a different game nowadays, and it’s your chance to show your boss how useful, relevant and pretty darn engaging content is the way to your customer’s heart… oh, and their wallet (your boss will like that one).

CYB is your one-stop-shop website for the resources, tools, quotes, and statistics you’ll need to hone your pitch and walk into your boss’ office with confidence + a pretty stellar toolbox in your back pocket. We’ll even show you how to put together an effective pitch, in whatever industry you’re in, however large or small your company is, and whichever objections your boss may throw at you. And maybe most importantly, we’ll show you how to prove to your boss the ROI of content marketing that will make your organization more money.

The truth is… content marketing can work for every business. Yes, even yours! Join CYB to learn the in’s and out’s of pitching content marketing to the people who matter, and share your results.

The Steps to Follow

We’ll take your on a journey throughout this website on how to bridge the gap between buy-in and implementation. Make sure to follow the process below and utilize our tools and resources, and you’ll be on your way to creating a culture of content marketing within your company.

  • Educate yourself on content marketing.
    There are a lot of resources available out there. Two solid places to start are this site and ContentMarketingInstitute.com
  • Relate what you’ve learned about content marketing to your business.
    Start to think through how you can educate your prospects and customers. What are the main problems or concerns that come up most often?
  • Find resources, justification, examples that apply to your business
    These could come from any number of places: talking to people internally, doing online searches, competitors, or even the sites that you spent time on to educate yourself on content marketing.
  • Think of how you can run small ‘tests’ within your own company.
    Consider starting by answering the top 10 most asked questions by prospects and customers. If you have a blog already set up, these could be 10 separate blog posts. If you don’t have a blog, start one! Or you can supply the Q & A to the sales and customer service teams and encourage them to use them in their day-to-day process.
  • Understand the objections that you’ll face internally.
    Build your case to overcome each objection based on what you’ve learned so far.
  • Convince your boss.
    Can you find an example of a company that will resonate with your boss – professionally or personally? Maybe she’s in to DIY so you point out how Home Depot does it. Or if he’s in to music you could show him what Guitar Center is doing. Make sure you also prepare to show her your strategy, how you will track it, and grow it from there.

Our Story

We’re a team immersed in content marketing daily over at Vertical Measures, a search social and content marketing agency. We put on workshops all over the country, and the biggest thing we noticed was that the people in our sessions would walk away with a great understanding of content marketing and a passion to start implementing the ideas they learned. BUT – when they got back to the office, they couldn’t get buy in from their boss. All their enthusiasm and smart ideas went to waste.

So we decided to do something about it.

We felt it was important to build a tool so when people left our workshops, they felt prepared for what was to come – a steep hill of objections and questions. We realized this is not just something felt by our attendees, but is an issue facing many marketers out there. Oftentimes, the C-Suite knows of content marketing but just doesn’t have enough familiarity or trust that it can work for them. You know it can, and so do we.

CYB was born from this goal to help prepare anyone in this situation. We want to arm you, marketing manager, with all the tools to tell your story as to why content marketing will work for your business. We hope you find the resources here invaluable in putting together your pitch and bringing content marketing to your organization. We could all use a little more content marketing in our life and businesses…Go get ’em tiger!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us directly.