Joe Pulizzi

Founder of Content Marketing Institute, Author, Content Marketing Evangelist

“Hi. My name is Joe Pulizzi with the Content Marketing Institute. If I am going to try to convince my boss to go all in with content marketing, I actually wouldn’t do that at all. If you have a boss that doesn’t believe in a content marketing approach, it’s very difficult to convince somebody to do that unless they first taste the benefits.

So what we try to recommend is to go with a pilot. You start with a pilot program, you set objectives and you set the program out for execution. At about six months, you get your boss and all the decision-makers in that meeting, and you decide what you’re going to do, what the content program is, why you’re going to do it and what metrics you’re going to be judged by. That’s probably the most important thing, because when you get back in the room in six months, you’ve got to make sure that you have some metrics that have already been agreed to.

Now, you know that a content marketing program isn’t going to just take six months. It’s going to take much longer to really work. But if you can get in there, run the pilot program, get some initial buy-ins, start to see progress moving forward, then I think you can be successful. If you just mention the word pilot to your boss, it’s not as much of a commitment. They’re not going all-in yet. So we’ve got to take them there in short bursts and not overall, so I highly recommend going with the pilot program.”