Why Bosses Say No

There are a number of reasons you may face pushback in embracing a content marketing strategy within your company: Whether it’s budgetary concerns, team resource bandwidth, ROI questions, or just lack of confidence that you can execute at a high level. It happens. So here are some common reasons a boss may say no, and suggestions on how to turn that into a yes!

Why Bosses Say No to Content Marketing

$“We Can’t Afford Content Marketing”

Z“We’re in a Boring Industry with Nothing to Write About”

“We Don’t Want to Give Away Our Secrets”

How to Respond to Objections

We want you to be prepared as possible before you talk to your boss, because it’s inevitable they won’t agree with everything you lay out in your proposal. Use the videos below to prepare for the objections you’ll face, gathered from experts who are in the trenches of content marketing every day. They have some insightful responses that take common objections head on from multiple angles.