We’re in a Boring Industry with Nothing to Write About

Let’s face it: not everybody works in a sexy vertical. That doesn’t mean that content marketing can’t be successful for you. Whatever your industry, there are opportunities for relevant, useful content to help move your customer prospects through the buying cycle.

It doesn’t matter how niche your brand is. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, service- or product-based, focused on online leads or ecommerce: you can make the case for how content marketing can drive your business.


Thought leadership involves driving conversations about your industry; it is about establishing credibility around your area of expertise so that when a prospect is ready for your product or service, you already have their trust.

Whatever your industry, customers are looking for that trust, particularly at their time of need. Content marketing is a means to establish that authority and get discovered through search, social and referral sources.

61% of consumers say they feel better about, and are more likely to buy from, a company that delivers custom content. –Custom Content Council


Whether it’s troubleshooting a product issue, comparing brands’ services, or price-shopping offerings, today’s customers are conditioned for online research.

While your industry may not be highly searched online, when a potential customer is need, being the source of insightful information and problem-solving content can make the difference between connection and conversion.

Buyers go through about 57% of the purchasing process before ever talking to sales.–Corporate Executive Board (CEB)

In fact, many brands in niche or seemingly “uninteresting” industries are enjoying a competitive advantage by being the company that answers their customer’s question and relieves their pain points. You may not have the makings of a viral video, but you’ll be reaching a relevant, engaged audience right when they need it most.

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